Nightwing Revealed To Be Playable In ‘Batman: Arkham City’

It was revealed the other day that the fourth playable character in ‘Batman: Arkham City’ would be Nightwing. ArkhamCity.co now has some early character art in the alpha stages of development which gives an idea what Arkham City Nightwing will look like. These images are character renders without additional graphics processing. Nightwing looks to keep in tone with his classic blue & black costume, and not his current red and black costume. Since Nightwing fights with batons he will have his own fighting mechanic system, much like the other playable characters (Robin & Catwoman) whose fighting styles differ from Batman.

I love that Arkham City is packed with other playable characters that are not just character skins on top of Batman. The single player campaign in this game is going to be outstanding, but being able to play as Catwoman, Robin and Nightwing in the campaign or in DLC campaign packs is just icing on the cake.


So much win

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