Things You Should Do Right Now

1.) Go to Google Search and type in “zerg rush”.

2.) Lose twenty minutes of your life.

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The LG logo is Pac-Man

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Pokemon Meme’s



How It Should Have Gone Down

Created by Alex Di Stasi 



Thanks to our on the floor friends at Plastikitty (Who also have more photos) we now have a very cool look at the NECA TOYS 1:1 scale Portal gun. If you remember I wrote about it when there was a lot of misinformation going around about it somehow being an import toy and people were posting pre-order links to Japanese toy companies. I do believe I am now officially sold on the gun and I’ll definitely be sure to let you know when it goes up for order in the US (probably very soon) and post an update accordingly. 

This just in: The Portal gun has officially gone up for order for $129.99 at US retailers. 

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Sorry we’re CLOSED - by Ryan Shiu


Nintendo Laid Us Off - by InsanelyGaming

Mario & Luigi in the streets of Las Vegas


gym leader.

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