Bat-Vilains Cards.

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These are all so wonderful ;_____;

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He’s getting fired up as he gathers the fox demon’s chakra for Kyuubi mode.

Kyuubi’s Arrival, by NarutoPants.

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Art Attack’ by Enkel Dika

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I’m Different… by z0h3


Choose Your Weapon - by Chris Gerringer

Jumping on the bade dude’s head only gets you so far, that’s why the Gods of Gaming created weapons. In this series, Chris reviews some of the most memorable vidya gaem weapons from Dedede’s Hammer to totally cheap and should probably be made illegal RCP-90 from Goldeneye. I’m still looking for the Vampire Killer from Castlevania, but I’d settle for the Cream Pie. Check out a few more over at Chris’ deviantart

Artist: Tumblr / Twitter / Society6

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FIGHT!! by Kei Suwabe

It’s a little-known fact that Capcom had to cut several characters out of Street Fighter IV due to licensing restraints, but I think we all can agree that the world is probably a better place for them leaving out PedoBear. Kei’s sketches are from a fighting game that never was, nor should it be. 

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Attack The Block by Joe Wilson / Tumblr / Store

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As if Finn and Jake weren’t already a couple of bad ass warriors, Anthony Petrie took them to the next level with a He-Man / Battle Cat upgrade!

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He-Finn & Battle Dog by Anthony Petrie (Tumblr) (Store) (Twitter)

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